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Two restaurants, two bars and an illy café offer guests the very best of local food & drinks, with a modern European influence.

Fresh ingredients. Unpretentious and inviting settings.


Relax, sit back and enjoy. That’s what the lunch possibilities of We are Amsterdam are all about. All lunches can be served within one hour. Whether you would like to keep it fast-paced with a buffet next to your meeting room or have a longer break in Carstens brasserie or ARCA Amsterdam. O, and everything in between. Share your thoughts and wishes, We are Amsterdam is listening.

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Social Gatherings

There is no need to go outside when all the fun is waiting on the inside. For a casual drink or gathering We are Amsterdam offers several venues. The modernly styled Vic’s Bar, the urban and innovative ARCA Bar, or the Art Gallery. We offer venues for all group sizes that offer unlimited possibilities.

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Luckily We are Amsterdam offers a wealth of facilities, including several dining options. Dinner can be enjoyed in either a dinner setting, a walking dinner, a buffet or any other idea you might have. Although the kitchens of the outlets are very different, they both put emphasis on high-quality products yet easy-going ambiances. Whereas Carstens Amsterdam embraces the Dutch cuisine, all with a twist, ARCA Restaurant & Bar focuses more on Portuguese dishes with unique Asian influences. Offering possibilities for every type of gathering, also, for private dining events.

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Enjoy the best of both worlds with our We Are Amsterdam Packages

Indulge in a true Dutch cuisine for an extensive lunch served within an hour, only to end your day of meetings in the vibrant ARCA Restaurant & Bar and savour some Portuguese dishes with unique Asian influences.

Or the other way around. It’s up to you.